Students of the Day

U.S. Wiggins College Preparatory Lab Family School
Students of the Day 

U.S. Wiggins College Preparatory Lab Family School will be celebrating students each day for academic excellence. We are proud of our #DistanceLearningChamps! Congratulations to all the featured students nominated by their teachers! Keep up the great work!

Featured Students - Tuesday, June 2, 2020

On'Jae W. - Principal Murray
He attends class regularly and works hard

Hector A. from Ms. Bobb's Class
Hector has completed assignments and I-Ready almost every day since we left school. With his diligence and effort, he is making a plan for success!

Jayden J. from Mr. Cueno's Class
Jayden has done all of his assignments since we have been home and not missed a day of school online!

Syanni J. from Ms. Nahl's Class
She has completed every assignment since the first day of closure and I-Ready

Erica C. from Ms. Bentley's Class
Since day one of remote learning Erica has showed up and completed all work. She also attends all virtual meetings and is an absolute pleasure at all times.

Featured Students - Thursday, June 4, 2020

Jeremiah V. from Mr. Anderson’s Class
Jeremiah has consistently handed in quality work since the very first day of the closure.  He revises work when needed and his work shows thought and effort.

 Rebecca P. from Ms. Thornton’s Class
She has completed 100 % of her work and given it her all.

 Jeiranet F. from Ms. Colbert’s Class
Jeiranet has been working hard since the beginning of remote learning. She turns in every assignment and went above and beyond with her Geometry City Map Project. She attends Google Meets and has a great attitude.

 Yaneisy D. from Ms. Johnson’s Class
Yaneisy is an excellent student and hard worker!

 Elijah P. from Ms. Laksh’s Class
He has been on the ball with his work EVERY single week!

Featured Students - Friday, June 5, 2020

Jeanielys R. from Mr. Bralow’s Class
Jeanielys has continued to complete all assignments during the pandemic. 

Tyrese G. from Ms. Kotsedakis’ Class
He consistently works on the SeeSaw app and has turned in the most work.

Steven O. from Ms. Wright’s Class
Steven has been submitting online work since March and has shown wonderful tenacity and growth.

Jadriel E. from Ms. Rodriguez’s Class
My student has routinely checked in on both learning platforms completing activities assigned to him. His family has followed through in supporting him with creative ways to learn.

Giana’Lee M. from Ms. Heath’s Class
This student goes above and beyond to complete assignments and share assignments.

Featured Students - Monday, June 8, 2020

On’Jae Williams from Mr. Waddington’s Class
He is present for all classes and has reached out to classmates to get them to come into the Google Meet Class Meetings.

Jerlianne F. from Ms. Wharton Davis’ Class
Jerliann has been working extremely hard to submit her science. She also reaches out when she has a question, and she has been attending online class via Google Meet.

Adrian V. from Ms. Brown’s Class
He regularly attends meetings and completes his assignments!

Jeremiah V. from Mr. Anderson’s Class
In Technology Class with Mr. Leeds, he has been completing all his Code Monkey challenges!

Zamiyah R. from Ms. Khan’s Class
Zamiyah attends every one of her zoom classes. She completes her classwork and homework in all of her classes. She is an all-around fine young lady totally committed to finishing this year stong!

Lyanna H. from Ms. Khan’s Class
In Music Class with Mr. Gannon, Lyanna continues to turn in quality work on time!

Joanna D. from Mr. Cuneo’s Class
Joanna does all her assignments on time!

Erielys M. from Ms. Lore’s Class
She has been responsible about completing her work and participating in class meetings.

Rebecca P. from Ms. Thornton’s Class
Completed All Dojo work and iReady for the week!

Fernando from Mr. Doe’s Class
In Technology Class with Mr. Leeds, he has finished 91% of his coding challenges!

Featured Students - Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Jailyn M. from Ms. Nahl’s Class
This child has done almost every assignment given and also complete iReady minutes.

Mariq M. from Ms. Bentley’s Class
Mariq tries hard to complete all of his school work and never gives up!

Kania C. from Ms. Lore’s Class
She has been working to complete all her activities. She has participated in our Fun Friday activities!

Ra’Niyah W. from Mr. Anderson’s Class
Ra’Niyah (and her mother) have been working together to make sure her work is being completed. They have not used any excuses (lack of a printer, no chromebook in the beginning, etc). Mom hand writes the questions and works with Ra’Niyah to make sure her work is done with high quality and with thoughtful responses!

Brailyn C. from Ms. Colbert’s Class
Brailyn has been working diligently since remote learning began. He calls or texts me when he needs assistance.

Daniel D. from Ms. Johnson’s Class
Started to believe in himself and he showed us all who he truly is academically!

Oscar R. from Ms. Kotsedakis’ Class
He has completed all assignments on SeeSaw!

Tomija W. from Ms. Laksh’s Class
She has been on the ball since DAY 1. Doing great work!

Yalienis P. from Ms. Wright’s Class
Yalienis has really thrived academically, even with remote learning. She takes her work seriously and has excellent participation!

Miles H. from Ms. Thornton’s Class
Working hard to make-up Dojo Work from before Chromebook was received. Awesome Job!

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