APTT Conference Program

(APTT) - Academic Parent Teacher Teams at U.S. Wiggins

We believe in all of our students and their capacity to learn and achieve academic success. Educational research clearly documents that when families support student learning at home, there is a definite increase in grades, attendance, attitude, behavior, homework completion, social skills, state test results, and college attendance. U.S. Wiggins has implemented Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) as an additional approach to supporting all students in reaching their full academic potential. The goal of the APTT model is to promote family-teacher collaboration to drive student achievement.

What is (APTT) - Academic Parent Teacher Teams?

The APTT model restructures the traditional parent teacher conferences with a focus on group learning and collaboration. Family members of all the children in a single class meet together with the teacher (3) times a year for 75 minutes, along with a single 30 minute parent teacher conference. The APTT Initiative provides a structure for parents to meet with teachers and converse, build networks with other parents, and learn ways to support their child's academic skill development.

Team meetings usually begin with icebreakers and time to celebrate the progress that students have made. Parents share with teachers and one another the areas that their child is struggling with, and the successful strategies they have been using to support their child's learning. Teachers, in turn, explain what knowledge and skills the students are expected to master at each grade level. They present academic performance data for the entire class and give parents individual information about their own child's performance. Teachers then model activities that parents can do at home with their child, and assist parents in setting goals for their child's progress.

When do (APTT) Academic Parent Teacher Teams Meet?

The teams meet 3 times throughout the school year. Check school calendar for dates.

For information, please call Mrs. Lidia Carrero, Family Operations Coordinator at (856) 966-5120 ext. 29421 or email lcarrero@camden.k12.nj.us

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