Instructional Support

ESL Instruction

Children who speak a language other than English receive 30 minutes of small group instruction a day in English as a Second Language. They learn the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills they will need to be successful in the English-speaking classroom.

Ms. Pauline Cameron

(856) 966-5120

Reading Interventionist

Ms. Marzell Brown
(856) 966-5120


In order to correct any speech and/or language delays, parents, teachers, speech therapists, and students must come together as a team. Speech therapy sessions are the times for introduction of new techniques and follow up for correction. It is the foundation for speech remediation. Although speech therapist attempt to use every minute of the day as effectively and efficiently as possible, we continue to require the help of our team. Together we can make a difference.

Ms. Cheryl Emmons
Speech Therapist
(856) 966-5120 ext. 29530